Arrangements for Adopting a Boat June/July/August 2020

In addition to following the club’s standard Rules and Byelaws, members who are adopting a boat should be aware of, and follow, the additional ‘Covid’ related PSC Sailing Rules.

In particular it should be noted that the club is providing equipment to facilitate independent sailing for independent sailors and once handed over you can sail ‘your’ boat on any day of the week but that there will be no OOD or Safety Boat in attendance. As such it is essential that you sail with caution and consideration. As an independent sailor you must decide if the conditions are suitable for your fitness and sailing ability and remember that you have responsibility for making sure that your craft is rigged correctly. The club reserves the right to withdraw your entitlement to sail.

If two or more members are sharing a boat they must make the arrangements to allow for a 72 hour fallow period between different households using the boat.

Members are expected to take reasonable care of the boat on loan to them, to not misuse it, modify it or take it off site. The guidance provided at the handover should be followed.

Members should report any signs of wear or damage to the boat to the Commodore as soon as possible.

In the unlikely event of damage being caused by a member’s negligence then we will ask them to cover the cost of repair.

Junior members may only sail their adopted PSC boat when another sailing adult is on the water taking responsibility for them.

Members initially enjoying exclusive use of a craft may be asked to share the boat with another member.

After its initial introduction in May, this system has been extended to be in place until the end of August 2020 when we will undertake a review to consider if is meeting the needs of our members, however the Club reserves the right to adopt a different approach to the use of club boats at any time.


1st August 2020