Latest PSC Coronavirus Information – Updated 17 March 2020

In these unprecedented times the operation of your sailing club is probably not high on your list of concerns, but as a PSC community I sincerely hope that we can help each other get through what looks like being some months with challenges for us all.

The good news is that the sailing activity that we all enjoy at PSC, be it in a dinghy or on a board,  is, it seems, something that we can continue to engage in whilst still respecting the recommended ‘social distancing’, and thus fulfilling our public duty to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Your committee will of course follow all guidance provided to keep our members, our volunteers and the wider community safe, but we are also keen to continue to provide our PSC members with the opportunity for recreation at a time when such activity could be of considerable benefit to their wellbeing.

We are still considering how we might amend our normal practises and events for the coming summer season – it’s a changing situation and we’ll modify our practices to reflect government, and governing body, advice appropriately and will keep you informed.

The winter restrictions end on 1st April, but in the short term here are the PSC headlines –

  • We are confident that any members who knowingly have the symptoms of Covid-19 will be self-isolating and will not attend the club.
  • We also expect that members will heed government advice and if one person in your household has a persistent cough or fever, everyone living there will stay at home for 14 days.
  • The club will provide hand washing facilities as recommended.
  • Sunday morning racing will continue, with any briefings practising ‘social distancing’.
  • Members are recommended to limit their use of the changing rooms, perhaps travelling to and from the club in their sailing gear.
  • Use of the galley should also be limited and those members who wish to use the facility must practise the highest of hygiene standards.
  • Boat owning members can sail at any time during the weekend, as normal.
  • Planned training events that are difficult to run whilst maintaining social distancing will be postponed. This includes the forthcoming Safety Boat refresher sessions and the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course.
  • The planned Working Party and Club Lunch this weekend are also postponed.

We will keep you updated on events as the weeks progress, but I’d like to repeat that we will do everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus at the club, whilst endeavouring to provide safe access to sailing activities at PSC to help us through these difficult times.

Best wishes to all.

Tim Hewett