Dinghy Junior Pirates – Learn to Sail Programmes

Dinghy Pirates

Dinghy Pirate sessions are organised for children between the ages of 7 and 14 who wish to learn to sail, and follow the RYA Stage 1 and Stage 2 programmes.

For those who have already had some sailing experience and gained RYA Stage 1, Advanced Pirates sessions are normally held on Saturday afternoons starting in early May going on into June. Advanced Pirates aims to achieve the RYA level 2 standard, after which they may progress to Buccaneers.

Sessions for beginners are normally held on Saturday afternoons later in the season when the water is warmer, and the wind usually lighter enabling most to obtain RYA level 1 certificates. These courses are offered in Toppers, or Optimist dinghies which are robust yet easy to handle.

Pirate sessions are free to Club members. Children whose parents are not Club members will be required to either join as Junior Members, or as Pirate Members. Junior members can join in any of the Junior sessions throughout the year. Pirates members are eligible for an individual 5 session training course.

Junior Membership forms can be downloaded, or obtained from and returned to, the Membership Secretary Tony Ogborn.

Download Pirates 2017 Dates [ Adobe pdf ]

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Extra Pirates 2017 Dates [Adobe pdf]

Pirates Application Form 2017 [Adobe pdf]