Committe Members

To ensure correct Governance Priory Sailing Club has a great Committee. The Committee meets monthly normally on the first Thursday of every month. The Committee are all volunteers who have been elected at the AGM and give up many hours of their time to ensure that Priory Sailing Club, events, training activity and the facility at Priory runs smoothly. In the Club House you will find portrait pictures of each Committee member, enabling you to put a face to a name.

Flag Officers
Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore
Tim Hewett
Tim Girvan
Dan Perry
01234 319827
01234 308137
01234 959324
Honorary Secretary
Hon Membership Secretary
Hon Treasurer
RYA Centre Principal
Sue Baker
Tony Ogborn
William Armitage
Neil Papworth
01933 412083
01234 708010
01234 826855
01234 365462
Junior Representatives
BCA Representative
Toby Chinn
Pascale Hewett
Kevin Guard
Jeremy Evans
Brian Stanbridge
Vicki Murfin
Brian Stanbridge
01234 349088
01234 319827
01767 631174
01234 782739
07867 531400

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